Balatas ACID Sram tipo RED22 / FORCE22 / RIVAL22 / S700 / Level50 - Orgánicas

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Abrasive substances used for 'organic' brake pads are usually made from fibres obtained from glass, rubber, carbon/Kevlar® or Twaron® combined with fillers and temperature-resistant synthetic or natural resin. These brake pads have a reputation for being softer and quieter, but they also have a reputation for being fast-wearing and creating more brake dust. They also tend to rub more after exposure too high temperatures. Designed for amateur and beginner cyclists.
  • soft mix
  • minimices noise generation on noise-prone brake systems
  • ideal for amateur and beginner cyclists
  • weight: 33 g

Categoría: Frenos de Disco, Frenos de Ruta, SRAM

Tipo: Balatas

Vendedor: ACID

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