Zapatillas CUBE MTB Peak Pro

Since starting to take part in mountain bike marathons, I know how important it is to get the perfect bike shoe fit. On the other hand, races are just the highlights of the season – the result of countless training miles and many hours spent surfing the local trails. I need a shoe that is both efficient and ready for trail riding. A shoe like the MTB Peak Pro. With its elastic lacing system and intelligently designed fastener, it moulds to the foot like a second skin.

  • Parte superior: microfibre, mesh, PU / Parte inferior: fibre-reinforced nylon, gum
  • Protección CUBE Shield
  • Compatible para spikes


elastic lacing system; CUBE ratchet; CUBE Natural Fit performance moulding; CUBE Natural Fit inner sole; CUBE Protection Shield; CUBE Anti-Slip System; clipless-ready fibre-reinforced nylon outsole; dirt-repellent upper; vents and mesh construction for optimized air flow; two-piece tongue construction; asymmetrical design; reflective heel detail; stiffness index: 8.

Género Unisex
Temporada Todo el año
Pedales Tipo de zapatilla de ciclismo : Para pedales automáticos de bicicleta MTB

Categoría: Marca CUBE, Zapatillas para Montaña

Tipo: Zapatillas

Vendedor: CUBE

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